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Win and develop customers together with us

Our partnerships with customers are successful. ABB, Skanska, Previa, Sweco and CGI are just some of the customers who for more than ten years have benefited from PMP’s services to promote sales-driven growth. We operate internationally on behalf of our customers and have staff with the required language skills for a wide range of countries.

Our business concept

PMP adds sales-driven growth to leading businesses with qualified sales processes. Through professionalism, experience and knowledge, we create new business opportunities and a spirit of enterprise.

Our history

1PMP Marknadskonsult AB is founded in 1985. In 1989 Mikael Julher becomes the sole owner and the business takes off with Ericsson, ABB and several IT businesses as customers. From the outset, customer orientation and target focus have served as cornerstones for the company.

Our average customer satisfaction index (CSI) for the years 1996–2017 is 91 per cent!

We help you to generate sales-driven growth

An efficient business process can always become more efficient. We know that. Based on more than 30 years of experience, our tried and tested methods take as their starting-point the two most reasonable means of increasing sales: winning new customers and expanding sales to existing customers.

We evaluate and measure all our assignments to determine the actual monetary return generated by our partnership – the PMP ROI (return on investment). PMP ROI currently stands at 18, which means that each 1,000 SEK invested yields a return of 18,000 SEK in the form of increased sales (within 36 months).

How to find us

Can’t find the way? You are welcome to call us, and we will guide you!


Contact us


Mikael Julher
CEO/Customer Development Manager

070-530 77 94


Lotta Gustafsson
Customer Development Manager 

070-533 77 97


Pontus Alfthan
Project Manager

070-755 87 85


Dennis Koss
Project Manager

070-881 20 70